National Constitution attached below


Candidate selection to the Blue Valley Northwest Chapter of the National Honor Society is conducted under the requirements established by the National Association of Secondary School Principals which supervise the organization.  The Blue Valley Northwest Chapter of the National Honor Society as described in the National Honor Society Handbook bases membership upon the four standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  The specific process of membership selection for the Blue Valley Northwest Chapter of the National Honor Society is outlined in the following paragraphs:


 At meetings, all prospective members are informed of the necessity of performing 25 hours of community service, 10 of which can be school service, as one requirement for membership.  Prospective members are responsible for providing verifiable records of such service on forms provided by the Blue Valley Northwest Chapter.


A list of candidates eligible for membership is obtained through a computer printout of unweighted and weighted cumulative grade point averages for sophomores and juniors. The scholastic qualifications for membership in the Blue Valley Northwest Chapter of the National Honor Society for the 2013-2014 school year and every year thereafter shall be a minimum weighted and/or unweighted grade point average of 3.500 on a 4.000 scale.  In accordance with the national guidelines, only those students meeting the 3.500 weighted and/or unweighted GPA minimum who have been in attendance at Blue Valley Northwest for a period equivalent to one semester prior to selection for membership shall be considered eligible, excluding transfer memberships.


Based upon scholastic achievement as demonstrated by the weighted and/or unweighted cumulative GPA and a minimum of one semester attendance at Blue Valley Northwest, students determined eligible for National Honor Society membership will be notified by letter.  In addition, a list will be posted on appropriate bulletin boards of those students who have met the eligibility requirements.  Students are invited to check with their counselors and the National Honor Society sponsor(s) if they feel that their names have been omitted from the list.  The letter of notification sent to the student will include instructions to attend a mandatory meeting with their parents and National Honor Society sponsor(s) for the purpose of explanation of the selection process, and for distribution of a packet of information which includes the by-laws, an “Instructions to the Candidate” letter, a Data Sheet, a parental signature form, information regarding the required Induction rehearsal and the required Induction activities that the student must complete and submit by specific dates in order to be considered for membership. 


  The next step in the selection process involves faculty/sponsors/coaches evaluation of the candidate on the basis of leadership and character.


Each potential candidate will appear on the electronic list where there will be a place for the evaluators to indicate whether they are a current teacher, a previous teacher, a coach or a sponsor.  Every faculty member will cast an evaluation on every candidate they know on the potential list based upon whatever capacity the evaluator played for/with the candidate.  The evaluation will be based on a 4-3-2-1 basis with a 4 being the highest evaluation number possible while a 1 indicates the lowest evaluation number possible.  The traits of character and leadership will be evaluated separately as they represent two individual pillars of the organization rather than one.


At the bottom of the evaluation for each candidate will be the opportunity for each faculty member, coach or sponsor to endorse the candidate for membership or not endorse the candidate for membership.  (If a score of 1 is used to evaluate the candidate, the National Organization and thus, the individual Chapter, may require from the evaluator a written explanation for the 1 rating.)


This electronic method and its results (in percentage form) indicating the levels of character and leadership will then be added to the other requirements of service hours and a 3.5 GPA weighted or un-weighted.  The electronic evaluations will be done by the complete faculty on an assigned in-service day immediately following a discussion with the faculty by the Principal and Executive NHS Board Members on the subject of the Chapter’s expectations for membership in the Blue Valley Northwest Chapter of National Honor Society.


5. The student must complete and submit a candidate data form by the specific date.  By completing and signing this form, the candidate agrees to the requirements described on this sheet.


 6. The student must submit the community service record sheet documenting his/her 25 hours of

  community service by the specified date. This form must contain a listing of services provided, the number of hours spent in each listed service, the name, and phone number of a person who can verify that the candidate performed the service, and the signature of a person capable of verifying the hours of service claimed for each activity. Service hours must be performed between June 1, 2013 and the specified date.  The 25 hours of community service are required each year.  Ten (10) of the twenty five (25) can be school service.


  7. The National Honor Society guidelines require the selection of society members by the Faculty Council.  The composition of this council shall consist of five (5) faculty members appointed by the Principal annually and two alternates, to serve in the case of needing a quorum, with the chapter advisor as an ex-officio member of the council.  The Faculty Council’s judgments are based on the information provided by the students’ data sheets, faculty and sponsor recommendations and the Council’s knowledge of the candidate.  In addition, the Council reserves the right to deny membership to candidates on the basis of major disciplinary infractions.  The entire Council will review an individual candidate’s evaluation and data in order to make a final determination of membership.  No candidate will be eligible for membership unless all the required recommendation forms, data sheets, and community service verification forms are submitted by the specific date. The Faculty Council's final decision regarding a candidate's membership will be reported while deliberations and individual votes will be not be shared with parents or students



 8. Notification of membership in the National Honor Society will be in the form of a letter informing the student of his/her selection. Note: a preliminary electronic letter will be sent upon completion of debate by the Faculty Council. The final indication of membership is a formal ceremony held in the evening for parents and society members.  Failure to participate in the ceremony will result in Council action to deny membership or graduating seniors the honor of wearing the National Honor Society stole at graduation.


  9.  Appeals in Cases of Non-selection.  There is an appeal process available to any person who may not be selected to be a member of National Honor Society.  Appeals must be registered with the chapter adviser within 3 school days of notification of non-selection.  The Faculty Council will set a date and time to welcome all appeals no more than 4 weeks from notification of non-selection. The Faculty Council's final decision regarding a candidate's appeal will be reported while deliberations and individual votes will be not be shared with parents or students.




Member in Good Standing

Current and potential members are expected to remain a Student in Good Standing with respect to Blue Valley Northwest High School.

  • Be aware, students who receive OSS (out-of-school suspension) or ISS (in-school suspension) will automatically be considered a student not in good standing, however, such violations “can never lead to automatic dismissal by the Faculty Council under any conditions” (National Honor Society Handbook, Edition 17).
  • Students who receive an OSS or an ISS may be asked to appear before the Faculty Council and at that time, the Faculty Council has the right to consider the membership in good standing or dismiss the candidate from the organization.  (A probation period is possible if a student is a current member of NHS)  If the student is a potential member and continues in the process of becoming a member of NHS, he/she will be asked to appear before the Faculty Council prior to having membership granted.  The Faculty Council then has the right to accept or deny the candidate as a member of the National Honor Society. “Members of the chapter should understand fully that they are subject to dismissal if they do not maintain the standards of scholarship, leadership, service and character that were used as a basis for their selection” (National Honor Society Handbook, Edition 17).


Election of Officers

Officers for the following school year shall be selected by a consensus vote of the underclass membership prior to induction. The offices shall be President, vice-Ppresident, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.  Officers shall be installed at the Induction Ceremony.


Dues and Fees

Dues of $10.00 per year shall be assessed to each member.  Dues must be paid to the treasurer by a date specified by the Executive Council.  A $20.00 initiation fee will be collected prior to initiation.  We will collect the ten dollars with the candidate’s RSVP letter of acceptance due Thursday, October 24th, 2013 by 12:00PM (noon).


Meeting Schedule

Meetings shall be held once a month at specified times published in the school announcements and on schedules handed out at the first meeting of the school year.  Special meetings may be called as needed by the Executive Council.  Attendance at the scheduled National Honor Society Meetings, as well as participation in National Honor Society activities, is required to be a member in good standing.


* These by-laws are subject to the National NHS Constitution governing all chapters nation-wide.