The Blue Valley School District on occasion will post service oriented, Request for Proposals (RFPs) on this page for public consumption. RFPs listed here are open to be reviewed by any potential vendor. Service RFPs listed on this site will remain for a period of 15 days, but may be cancelled or amended at any time leading up to the formal opening date contained within the proposal. The expiration date of the document on this page does not necessarily correspond with the opening date of the proposal.

Contact information, response instructions, opening date and other important detailed information can be found within the RFP documents.

Any documents listed on this site are available for review and download. Submission instructions will be contained within the RFP. The District is not responsible for any reason that proposals are not delivered on time, per the instructions contained within each RFP document (instructions may vary).

Efforts currently in place to distribute service RFPs to known vendors will continue in addition to being posted on this site.

Thank you for your considered response to any listed proposal.

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docx File 15016_Special_Education_Transportation_RFP.docx
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73.46 Kb 12/04/14 Purchasing
doc File 15016_Special_Education_Transportation_RFP_Attachment_B_Sample_Contract.doc
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70.50 Kb 12/04/14 Purchasing
docx File 15017_Used_Technology_Service_Provider_RFP.docx
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55.40 Kb 11/20/14 Purchasing
docx File 15017_Used_Technology_Service_Provider_RFP_Addendum_1.docx
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34.63 Kb 12/05/14 Purchasing