The new building/department copier program has many levels of training support:

  1. BV Online Resources by Product Family - The online resources are available in two different formats and have been created specifically for Blue Valley. Short, topic specific videos with voice over narration walk you through how to perform basic functions of the copier. Step by step documents with identical information are provided next to the corresponding videos. (Check the first two numbers of your copier's model number to identify the product family.)
  2. Quick Start Posters - Posted above each copier to illustrate basic copier functions. (Note: Not all copiers are equipped to send faxes.)
  3. Quick Start Guide - One should be included with each copier to illustrate how to use additional copier features.
  4. Service Requests or Over the Phone Support - Call Xerox at 800-821-2797. Be prepared to provide your copiers Serial Number. This number can be found on all copier families by pressing the "Machine Status" button on the keypad. We plan to have a label on the front of each machine shortly after install with the Serial Number and Service Phone Number.

    The toll-free number can also provide over the phone assistance in setting up a job or performing most copier functions. (Except Scan to Print Shop.)

    All requests for service must be reported to Xerox by calling 800-821-2797. These calls are tracked and this step is necessary to insure quality support. Callers have the option of receiving over the phone guidance or asking for the information to be escalated to a service technician. (DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER TO REQUEST ANY SUPPLIES FOR THE COPIER.)
  5. Customer Care Representatives - As part of our agreement with Xerox, the district is provided an on-site resource assigned only to our account. This individual will be making regularly scheduled visits to all copier locations to check on machine performance, address basic service requests, manage escalated service requests, order and stock copier supplies (except paper), provide quick training support and facilitate additional training requests.

    Requests of this individual may be made in person or via email.

    The CCR will also be responsible for providing administrator usage reports on a monthly basis.
  6. Key Operators - District employees identified by administrators in each building and/or DO department. These key operators have been invited to additional operator trainings. They will be able to assist with training and use of the equipment in your building or department.

    Additional key operator training sessions will be offered a couple of times a year and will be advertised via email and mylearningplan.

    Administrators can request changes to designated key operators by email.
  7. Additional information could be found at (external link) and searching for your model number.

QUESTIONS: Please check out the copier FAQ for more information. If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact Jason Gillam by email or telephone at 913-239-4042.