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Valley Park Policies

Below are the rules and policies for the students at Valley Park.

Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI)

Emergency Safety Intervention (ESI) is the use of seclusion or physical restraint when a student presents an immediate danger to self or others. Violent action that is destructive of property may necessitate the use of an ESI.  If you would like more information the Blue Valley Board of Education Policy 3522, Administrative Guideline and Request for Investigation of ESI can be found at   Please contact, Dr. Mark Schmidt, Executive Director of Student Services with questions regarding ESI.

BV Parents Online

Blue Valley parents have access to an expanded set of online services to help them stay informed about the academic progress of their child, pay a variety of fees and keep up with the latest school and district news. BV Parents Online provides parents with access to the following services:

Ways Parents Can Support Valley Park


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