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What is READ WELL?

Read Well Plus provides students with instruction and practice on important sounds and builds students' skills on multisyllabic words.  Read Well Plus continues the teaching of phonics within the context of rich and meaningful themes, such as: mysteries, friendship, space, dinosaurs, amphibians, and cultural heritage.  Comprehension and fluency are stressed in this program.

Instruction includes:

  • letter/sound associations
  • blending (sounding out words)
  • word patterns
  • tricky words (irregular words)
  • duet stories (shared reading with rich content)
  • solo stories (student-read stories)

Lesson Format 

Lessons begin with warm ups and are followed by a decoding practice.  Each day Read Well students are exposed to modeled lessons and then are assisted in guided practice. As soon as skills are mastered, students independently practice. Finally, students engage in oral story reading. At the end of a unit, students are welcomed to bring home skill sheets and stories for review and reinforcement.