Guidance Lessons

August:  During our August guidance lesson we made a "glurp" which is a poem that tells about our likes and strengths and watched a power point that reviewed the role of the counselor.  We also read the book "Life is Fun" by Nancy Carlson that shared 5 rules to be happy and students shared what makes them happy.

During our second lesson we made friendship stars that and wrote the characteristics of a good friend on the point of each star.  Then, we played a friendship game in small groups and practiced problem solving skills.

Each classroom also decorated and signed an "I AM SPECIAL" poster that will hang in their room throughout the year.  This will be a reminder for everyone to be respectful and treat everyone with dignity and resprect.




The highlighted virtue for the month of September is respect.  Please fill out the home forms for the Home Virtue Program.  The forms are posted under Home Virtue Program on the counselor website and will be sent home each month.


During my first guidance time in September we watched a power point on being a good friend.  We also made stars with friendship qualities written on them. 

  During my second visit during the month of September we read the story, "The Bully Blocker's Club" and did a group activity with the students.  We reviewed how important it is to be kind to each other and what to do if we see bullying behaviors at school.  We watched the attached power point on bulling prevention.  We also reviewed how important it is to be a bucket filling school.

Each classroom decorated and signed an "I am Special" poster to display in their classroom to remind them that each student is important and needs to be treated with respect and dignity.




During October my guidance lessons will be on safety, personal safety, and making good choices.  We will also be celebrating Red Ribbon Week and Walk Your Child to School Day. 



November: During November we did lessons on making good choices, decision making and played a feelings game.



During my lesson in December we reviewed the virtues and played a virtue concentration game.  During January we did a lesson on multiple intelligences.  We made ice cream cones that illustrated that we are all smart in different ways.  The lesson was on multiple intelligences.  We also talked about positive self talk as we read the story, "Don't Feed the Monsters on Tuesday." We played a kindness game and all students were invited to write an essay for the Kindest is Contagious Essay Contest.  The Stop Violence Coalition also presented a program to all third grade students on bully prevention.

If you and your child would like to spread kindness and compassion to our US Servicemen and Servicewomen please go to www.letssaythanks.com.  Xerox will print and send the card you choose to a Solider serving our country.



February Guidance Lessons

During our first guidance lesson we read a story and discussed ways to solve conflicts using a conflict escalator.  Our second lesson focused on testing strategies for the Kansas Assessment.  Our highlighed virtue for the month was honesty.



During March we did a lesson on stress/anger management.  Then we made stress pencils.  We also did a self esteem lesson and decorated mirrors and placed positive words around the outside of the mirror.  During April we did a lesson on grief and loss.  Our second lesson was on self esteem as we made mirrors and wrote words around the outside of the mirror that shared our strengths and the things that make us important.