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Blue Tail Fly

Buffalo Gals  


John Brown's Body  





Buffalo Gals   



Home on the Range  


Tom Dooley


Other Possible Sites - Kingwood College Library - PBS Eternal Songs - Library of Congress Folk Life site - Library of Congress - California Gold - Lesley Nelson-Burns site for folk music - Smithsonian Folkway Recordings - National Public Radio - University of Washington Libraries - Library of Congress Lyrical Legacy   - The Learning Page - Music in America   - American Singing/19th Century Song Sheets, Library of Congress    



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Additional Sites to visit - 101 of the Greatest Acts of Anglo-American Folk Music Tradition - 84 different folk songs sung by famous folk artists and you can probably hear your song!! - Want to know what kind of folk song your folk song really is? - Lots of good history on songs check for your song if it has multiple titles