Personal Counseling

The following are resources students and families may find useful when confronting personal counseling issues:

Academic Help from the High School Hub  A great website with help for students in specific subjects, as well as general study skills.


ADD/ADHD  Informative articles recommended by the National Institute of Health.


Alcohol Abuse Help

  • Alateen & Alanon A resource for individuals dealing with alcohol and other drug abuse concerns. It includes a survey for teens to help determine if they could benefit from participation in Alateen, as well as information regarding local meetings.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous A link to the teen section of the well-known 12-step recovery program.


Anxiety Disorders

Bullying Prevention




Eating Disorders   Information from the National Institute of Health specifically for young people regarding anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, along with causes of the disorders.






Learning Disabilities  Informative articles recommended by the National Institute of Health, including college planning for students with learning disabilities.


Suicide Prevention:



Social Networking Safety


Teen Dating Violence

Blue Valley West Counseling Department