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To look at the athletic calendar by the week, month, or specific sport, please click on the following link:  This link will take you directly to the Blue Valley Southwest calendar.  You can then look at the activities for today, the next 5 days, or the month.  You can also click on "season" and find a specific sport/level and look at and/or print the schedule.  If you have any questions, please call 913-624-2072. 


Congratulations to the Girls Basketball Team - winners of the 2016 Kansas Army National Guard Invitational!


Congratulations also to Rilynne Like for earning MVP honors and to Cooper Courtney for making the All-Tournament Team!

Congratulations to the Boys Basketball Team for their 3rd place finish in the Spring Hill Invitational Basketball Tournament!


 Congratulations also to Matt Wilkinson and Patrick Cairns for making the All-Tournament Team!

Congratulations to the 2015 5A Boys and Girls

State Cross Country Runners Up!


Congratulations to the boys soccer team for their 4th place finish at the 2015 State Tournament!

Sports Signings 2015-2016

  An all-school athletic signing celebration will be held in the Gym on Wednesday, May 4th at 2:30pm for any athlete that is signing a letter of intent for next year.  Families and friends will be invited to celebrate with our student athletes.  More information will be sent out closer to the date.


Matt WilkinsonCentral Missouri University
Rilynne Like UMKC
Cooper Courtney South Dakota School of Mines
Brooke WestromAvila University


Isabelle Finzen U. of Arkansas - Little Rock


Jenna Phelps Cornell University
Heather HuesmanFort Scott CC

Cross Country

Tristan Eastham  U. of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Piper Misse

Pittsburg State University

Hannah Harrick

Colorado Christian College


Tess Gray Fort Hays State U.
Lexi Thom  Benedictine College
Shayna ByersOklahoma State University
Shelbey ThomasHutchinson CC
Riley SwickardBaker U.


Madison MooreKU
Gabbi MillerKansas State


Brennon HipsherSt. Mary's


Casey Gonzales  Maryville University
Riley TrentWashburn University
Jacob WeaverNortheastern State University
Brooke PigneriEvangel University


Jon MeyerPittsburg State University



For Division I Athletes

It is important to note that all seniors who graduate in May 2016 will be subject to the new Division 1 Initial-Eligibility Requirements entitled “Initial full-time collegiate enrollment on or after August 1, 2016.”  Significant changes as follows:

· The first significant change for this year’s senior class is that ten (10) of the core courses must be completed before the seventh (this fall) semester; seven (7) of the 10 must be in English, math, or natural/physical science. Note that these courses will be “locked in” at the start of the seventh semester and cannot be repeated for GPA improvement to meet NCAA initial-eligibility requirements.  

· The other significant change is a new NCAA Division 1 Sliding Scale (relation of ACT or SAT with the GPA).


For Division II Athletes

It is important to note that all juniors (class of 2017) and seniors (class of 2016) will be subject to the existing Division II Initial-Eligibility Eligibility Requirements. All freshman (class of 2019) and sophomores (class of 2018) will be subject to the new Division II Initial Eligibility Requirements.


This link,, will take you to the NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal which contains great information on the initial-eligibility requirements, core course information, various student resources, etc.


This link,, will take you to the list of approved core courses for the Blue Valley School District.


To see the NCAA Eligibility Quick Reference Guide, please click here.

Blue Valley Southwest letter jackets may be purchased at Nill Bros Sports or for information about letter jackets from Balfour, please click [here].

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We will include updates and links to this site, as athletic information develops at Blue Valley Southwest.  Go Timberwolves!