Dear Students and Parents,

Beginning Tuesday, March 10th, I will be absent for surgery.  During that time, Mlle Murray will be teaching all of my classes, which she has been doing as part of her student teaching.  Mme Fisher, a retired French teacher, will be guiding and advising her.  I will be returning to work sometime in April, depending on my recovery.  I will be monitoring my email as I am feeling up to it, but please contact Mlle Murray for questions about daily class.  Her email is 


Susan Dickerson


Madame Susan Dickerson

French 8


Please contact me via email me on my "Contact Me" page. 

Planning Period:  5th hour at Blue Valley North High School 239-3000

I also teach French 1 and 2.5 at Blue Valley North High School in the mornings.  

Voicemail 239-3232