Mrs. Sutcliffe
6th grade
English Language Arts
Voicemail: (913) 239-5259

Plan Time: 10:12-10:57a.m.

I prefer contact through email.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


The weekly agendas will be found on the Sunday for the week.  This is only a guide and is subject to change due to interruptions and modifications made for student needs. For this reason, I encourage your child not to work ahead. The best place to find what we do from day to day will be in your child's student planner. 

My expectation is that students will be responsible in checking for informationand work missed due to absence, as well as checking in with me to ensure the assignments are what we completed for the day. This makes staying on top of assignments so much easier.

Here is a link to Synergy.