• My name is Becky Holmes. This is my third year as the Computer Teacher at Prairie Star. The computer classroom is located in the Library, room D3.

    We have restructured our computer curriculm this year, making me your school's Innovation Para.  This change allows me to bring technology where your students can make the best use of it: in their classrooms!

    I am currently assisting in innovation projects led by your student's teacher.  I am also leading the efforts to maintain our school's standing as a Common Sense Media Signature School.

    Have you ever wondered whether all the time your child is spending online, watching TV, texting their friends, and playing video games is good for them? I know I have! That's why we are making a commitment at Prairie Star to teach students how to be good digital citizens.

    We explore topics like cyber-bullying, online privacy, and creative rights and responsibilities. With strong digital citizenship skills, your child will be able to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities of technology and learn how to handle the more challenging issues that they may experience.

    The curriculum and resources we are using were developed by Common Sense Media, a national nonprofit organization. I encourage you to check out the free parent resources on the Common Sense Media website, so you can stay up-to-date on all things digital.

    Common Sense Media does not just focus on the digital world. If you are wondering about appropriateness of a movie, books for your child to read, games, websites, apps, etc Common Sense Media can help guide you in a way that follows your family rules. If you are looking for advice about all things media, please click on the link below.

    Are you interested in finding coding opportunities for your child? Right here in our city, we have access to some wonderful non-profit organizations. One is CoderDojo KC. CoderDojo KC meets every second Saturday of the month at the Google Fiber space. Whether you are a beginning coder or a seasoned coder, CoderDojo KC has opportunities for you! Tickets "sell out" quick! Make sure you sign up early!Click the link below for more information!


    Another opportunitiy is through Women IT. They hold a group called Coding & Cupcakes. This is for all Moms and their daughters to come together to learn more about coding and building websites. Like CoderDojo KC, Coding & Cupcakes meets once a month. Tickets "sell out" quick! Make sure you sign up early! Click the link below for more information!

    Coding & Cupcakes

    If you need to contact me, my phone number at school is 913-239-7178. You may also email me at rholmes@bluevalleyk12.org.

    Certified Apple Teacher   Swift Playgrounds Certification Common Sense Educator   BrainPOP Educator