• Kathy Coughlin

    Gifted Education Services

  • I have one goal...that is to help each student reach THEIR goals.

    Thank you for your support all these years. I'll be retiring in June and will miss you all!

  • Thank you BV PAGE (the Blue Valley Parent Advocates for Gifted Education) for your generous grant for our classroom!

    We'll be able to buy some resources to enhance our units, and things to develop new activities this year!

    BVPAGE is a parent organization that provides support for all students in gifted education via parent meetings, emotional support, advocacy, classroom grants, student activities, and resources.  The group has monthly meetings on (usually) the first Friday of each month.  See the website for additional information:  www.bvpage.org.


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    If you are a visitor who is looking for information about gifted students or a parent needing resource material, check out the "Useful Links".  There is a vast amount of information contained there.  No password is needed.

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