• Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

    Hello, my name is Señora Kozisek. I truly enjoy teaching your child Spanish at Stanley Elementary.

    I grew up in Colombia, South America, where I had extensive experience in teaching Kindergarten, Middle and High School students. In my last three years in Colombia, I served as coordinator of the Language Department overseeing 35 teachers. I selected students and teachers for overseas study travels. I have also coauthored four books for teaching Elementary students and traveled all over my country to spread the new philosophies in pedagogy (science of learning). I have also attended classes at the State University of NY at New Paltz.  I  finished my Masters Degree of Education from Baker University on December of 2008. 

    I have been married for 8 years to my husband Anthony, and  have two children: Phillip, age 7, and David, age 3.

    At Stanley Elementary I have an opportunity to share both my language and cultural background with the students and community. Here I feel at home, and I appreciate you welcoming me.

    Click here to view the foreign language curriculum.

  • Benefits of Studying a Foreign Language
    - Children excel in other areas of study, such as reading, social studies and mathematics. - Greater awareness and understanding of other cultures.
    - Clearer understanding of their native language.
    - Higher ACT and SAT scores, especially in verbal areas.
  • Click on the Overview Chart above to see the Targets for K-5 Spanish.

ABC's for Successful Foreign Language Learning

  • A. Always feel free to stop by our Spanish Classroom. Parents and families are encouraged to participate with their student. If you are a native speaker or have traveled to a Spanish-speaking country and would like to share, please contact me. B. Be involved. Be an advocate for your child as they embark on this exciting cultural and language experience. C. Create language and cultural opportunities for your family. Celebrate the contributions that our Spanish-speaking neighbors have had on our lives.

Blue Valley School Foreign Language Curriculum

  • Visit the foreign language website for the Blue Valley School District. There is information about the Foreign Language curriculum, organized by grade level. There are brochures, and this site should answer any questions you may have. Click on the BV icon below to view the BV School District Foreign Language Curriculum.

Grade 5 Profile

  • Beginner Ben's TOP "I can" Proficiencies:  A Grade 5 Profile 

    At the end of this year I will be able to answer your questions about

    • My name, age, and birthday
    • How I'm feeling (emotions)
    • If I'm hot, cold, hungry, thirst6y
    • Where I live and where I'm from
    • The time of day
    • The day, month, and season
    • What the weather is like
    • What classroom item I need
    • What sports, hobbies, food and school subjects I do and don't like
    • What clothing outfit I am wearing

    I will also be able to

    • Ask a few memorized questions
    • Follow routine classroom directions by my teacher
    • Recognize familiar key words or phrases when I listen to my teacher read short stories
    • Recognize a few key words or phrases in written passages with familiar vocabulary
    • Read aloud simple words and sentences that use familiar vocabulary
    • Re-tell a simple story
    • Recite numbers 0-100
    • Recite common sequences such as alphabet, days of the week, and months of the year
    • Sing songs and recite rhymes with my classmates to learn and practice vocabulary
    • Demonstrate knowledge about cultural traditions and geography of Spanish-speaking countries. 

Blue Valley Foreign Language Students

  • This site has practice exercises for all Elementary school students. It is especially helpful for new students to the foreign language program. Click on the icon below for more information about Blue Valley's Foreign Language in Elementary Schools program.