• This information is to inform families of new procedures regarding returning to school either in a Hybrid or full attendance mode.


    Hybrid Information Video  Principal Domoney and Assistant Principal Collins provide information regarding In Person students returning to school in a Hybrid mode


    Hybrid Information Presentation    Information provided by Principal Domoney regarding in person return for students in a Hybrid Mode


    Student Arrival & Entry Times and After School Dismissal

    Families, we will not be having students arrive at school early and wait in the Commons or library.  

    • Bus riders will enter the building and wait in the 6th grade pod.  
    • 6th & 7th grade students will wait outside the main doors
    • 8th grade students will wait outside by the gym entry doors
    • Doors will open at 7:30am and students will proceed directly to their 1st period class


    Late Arriving Students must ring the doorbell (located to the right of the main doors) for entry.  Students may have to wait outside or in the foyer until the office can write them a late pass.


    After school dismissal will have bus riders dismissing at 2:50.  Walkers will be dismissed at 2:53 and will exit through the doors closest to their destination.  Car riders will also be dismissed at 2:53 and will exit through the main entrance.


    ** Students must leave the building by 2:55 unless they are in a sponsored club or activity.   Students will be waiting outside for pickup (no waiting in foyer or office).


    Student Check Out/Student Leaving For Appointments or Illness

    Parents/Guardians are not currently allowed in to Oxford Middle School without an appointment.  If your student is leaving the building during the school day you will need to:

    • Ring the doorbell (located to the right of the main entry doors)
    • Tell us your child's name and the reason they are leaving (medical appointment, illness, etc.)
    • Show a valid pictue id (license, passport, state id card) to the camera and we will need to be able to read the name on the id
    • We will call your student, check them out at the office, and send them outside. 

    We ask your patience as this new process may take longer than usual.


    If you know your child is leaving for a pre-arranged appointment please notify us beforehand and we can have your student waiting for you in the office at your pre-arranged pick up time.  Please either call the Absence Line at 239-5505 OR use the Report an Absence form accessed from ParentVue/OMS Website.


    ** A Note About Student Illnesses ** - If your student starts to feel ill at school for any reason, they may not call or text you to pick them up.  ALL students must see the school nurse who will evaluate them and contact parents/guardians if a student needs to be sent home.  The nurse will also inform parents/guardians of timetables for returning to school based on the student symptoms.

    If your student texts or calls you and tells you they do not feel well, please tell them to go see Nurse Bowersox.


    Item Drop Off

    At this time, parents/guardians/siblings are not allowed in Oxford Middle School.  If your student forgets an item you may tell them to bring it the next day.  If you choose to bring the item to school:

    • There will be a table outside under the main door awning starting at approximately 8:00am
    • All items must have your student's first and last name on them
    • Students may come between classes to the office and then to the pick up table
    • We will not interrupt class or call your student to pick up a forgotten item
    • All items not picked up by 3:30pm each day will be placed in the lost and found


    Lunch Procedure Updates

    At this time outside visitors are not permitted to join students for lunch.  Outside food from restaurants are not permitted to be dropped off for students.


    Students will receive a lunch card that can be scanned for their meal purchases.  Please help your student with designating a safe place to store and retrieve their lunch cards.  Students who bring their lunch will need to carry them in their backpacks during the school day.


    At this time, microwaves are not available for student use in the cafeteria.