• General Information



    • This year Strings will take place outside of the school day (before school) at Oxford Middle School.  Information should have gone home with interested students last week.  Band will take place at 2:00 every afternoon.  Students who choose to participate in Band will miss 30 minutes of Math to attend.  This 30 minutes will typically be guided math and work time.  Assignments that are not completed for the day would become homework for that evening. 


    Weekly Communication:

    • I will send you an e-mail with our classroom newsletter on Monday each week. It will be sent to the email addresses you have on file with the Oak Hill office.


    Reaching the Teacher:

    • You may reach me by e-mail, leave a voice message, or feel free to call me at home if you need a prompt response to any immediate concerns.

    Home # 381-6228

    Voice Mail 104-6228

    E-Mail: [email protected]


    Arrival and Dismissal Changes:

    • Dismissal changes may only be made in writing (via email, note, fax, etc.).  Do not just send me an e-mailPlease be sure the office is notified in case I have a substitute. The office staff e-mail is

     [email protected]

    • If your child will be late or absent ALWAYS call the absence line at 913-239-6905 even if you notify me.  This helps to office if I am absent.




    • We will visit the library as a class each Wednesday. Students may check out up to five books each week.  If students need to check out books on other days, all they need to do is ask.  I encourage students to read as much as possible. 


    Book Orders:

    • Book orders will be sent home about once a month.  I send these to give you and your child many choices of books and book clubs.  You may order by sending a check to school with your form or by using the Scholastic link on my web page.  Our classroom code is 1F1WL. 



    • Some assignments may be required in cursive.  In general, I do not want students to feel frustrated or bogged down by the mechanics of writing.  Instead I want them to be able to communicate clearly and creatively.



    • Student birthdays will be celebrated in the classroom without bringing treats from home.  We will sing, and they will get to choose a gift from the birthday bag.  Summer birthdays may let me know they want to celebrate on their half birthday or another day they would like. 


    Grading Scale:

    100% A+      89-88% B+   79-78% C+   69-68% D+

    99-93% A    87-83% B    77-73% C    67-63% D

    92-90% A-   82-80% B-   72-70% C-   62-60% D-       59% or lower F

    If a student scores 70% or below on any assignment, they have the opportunity to correct the assignment.  After the assignment has been rescored, they will get an average of the two scores as their grade in the grade book.  Students have a one week deadline from the time the paper is returned to complete and turn in their corrections.


    You can access your child’s grades through ParentVue.  You will need to wait a few weeks before I will begin entering grades.  Corrections will be updated in a timely manner, but typically not the day they are turned in. 


    Homework Policy

    Why I assign homework:

           I believe that homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school.  We give homework because it reinforces what has been taught in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, and helps students develop self-discipline, responsibility, and organizational skills. 

    Students’ homework responsibilities:

           All assignments should be completed neatly and turned in on time.  I expect all students to turn in “quality” work. Students will miss recess for late or incomplete homework.  Students are also responsible for making up homework missed due to absence.  Your child will have two days to make up work for each day missed.

    When homework will be assigned:

           Reading 20 minutes per. night will always be homework.  Many nights, Monday-Thursday, students will also have unfinished work as homework and may also have an assigned practice worksheet. 

    Assignment Notebook:

           Students are responsible for writing down their assignments in their Student Planner while at school.  After completing their assignment, they must have their Planner signed or initialed by their parent or guardian.  Any student who fails to turn in his or her assignment the morning it is due will complete it in study hall.  Students will not be allowed to call parents to bring up homework as it is the student’s responsibility to turn it in on time.

    Each day they have their notebook signed, they will be paid $5 class money, and they will be expected to pay $5 for not having a parent/guardian signature.  A signature means that the student has completed the tasks she/he had for homework.