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     Check out what the third graders will know after the first half of the year!
    I can: recognize ten classroom items from a visual cue.
    I can: say the current day and date, including the year.
    I can: describe the weather using two sentences.
    I can: recognize seasons from a visual cue.
    I can: answer the following questions in complete sentences: Where are you from? What is your favorite color? How many people are in your familiy? What is your telephone number?
    I can: locate Spain and three of it's major cities on a world map.
    I can: recognize eight numbers 0-60 out of order.
    I can: recognize time to the hour and a half on a clock.
      Aside from these assessed skills, the third graders will also learn and work on the following skills.
    A child's typical day in Spain
    Characteristics of the three major cities in Spain
    Colors: gold and silver