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     Check out what the fifth graders will know after the first half of the year!

    I can: answer eight personal information questions in complete sentences.

    I can: state the time of day on three clocks to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.

    I can: say that I like and do not like five school subjects when given a picture cue.

    I can: retell a 6-8 line story using visual cues.

    I can: recognize ten numbers 0-1000 out of order.

    Aside from these assessed skills, the fifth graders will also learn and work on the following skills.

    Alphabet: I can spell my name and other words using the spanish alphabet and it's proper pronunciation.

    Culture: I can tell you about a child's typical day in Central America.

    Ancient Civilizations: I can tell you some interesting facts about the Mayans and Aztecs.

    Food: I can tell you different foods that I like and dislike and can order a meal at a restaurant.