• Welcome to Spanish! Your child sees me twice a week for thirty minutes. I want to give you a basic idea of what you might find in my classroom.

    Classroom rules:

    1. respeto = respect

    2. responsibilidad = responsibility

    3. compasion = compassion

    *At the beginning of the year students discuss these rules and behaviors that should accompany them.


    Discipline procedure:

    "Cuidado" card = this is a yellow card that students recieve the first time that they misbehave in class. It means "be careful." This means they are off task or are breaking the rules and are warned.

    "Silla segura" = this is a green card that students recieve the second time they have a misbehavior in that class period. It means "safe seat or time out." This is their second strike.

    "Oficina" = this is a pink card that students recieve on the third time they have a misbehavior during that class. It means "office." Students who recieve this card will have to sign the "book" for my class and will be sent to the principal's office.


    Positive Reinforcement:

    K-3 can recieve gold star stickers for good behavior.

    The clsas will recieve a "cuadrado" on our chart if they have good behavior and speak only Spanish for that day. At the end of each semester I will tally up the squares to see which class has the most. The class that has the most wins a game day. A game day consists of different games that incorporate our Spanish skills that we have learned throughout the year. Classes compete against other classes in their own grade level. This has been a great way for students to be motivated to speak only Spanish and it encourages team work.


    No homework:

    The foreign language program at the elementary level does not send home homework for students. Oral language skills are the main target, however, reading and writing do come into play at times. The emphasis is on listening skills and speaking skills. This gives the students a jumpstart for middle and high school.



    Students will have between 7-16 quizzes during the year depending on their grade level. These are the only things the students will be assessed over. To see the quizzes they will have and what they will cover, look under your childs grade level. At the bottom of that page I attached a list of the assessments for each month and a review as well for them to prepare at home. These quizzes cover the learning targets that we expect them to master by the end of that year. Other topics will be covered but will not necessarily be tested.


    Grading system:

    Students will be graded on a 1-3 scale for every quiz.

    3 = meets standard

    2 = developing

    1 = needs support and practice

    x = not evaluated (absent on the day of quiz)

    * students will also graded on participation on the same 1-3 grading scale.