• Specials Schedule

    All first grade specials are from 1:20-2:20. 

    This year our class will be splitting up and joining the other first grade classes during specials. All specials schedules are listed below along with which classroom your student is joining for specials.


    Aadish, Nathan, Areebah, Alexis, Vandana, Elijah

    Day 1: Spanish/Music

    Day 2: Music/PE

    Day3: PE/Spanish

    Day 4: Art

    Day 5: Computer/REAL



    Mckenna, Dharshan, TJ, Sydney, Matthew

    Day 1: Computer/REAL

    Day 2: Spanish/Music

    Day3: Music/PE

    Day 4: PE/Spanish

    Day 5: Art


    Likhitha, Agrata, Ahmed, Gus, Aiden

    Day 1: Art

    Day 2: Computer/REAL

    Day3: Spanish/Music

    Day 4: Music/PE

    Day 5: PE/Spanish


    Greyson, Milin, Madhu, Abdul, Lillian

    Day 1: PE/Spanish

    Day 2: Art

    Day3: Computer/REAL

    Day 4: Spanish/Music

    Day 5: Music/PE