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    Wilderness Science Center

    Students will visit Blue Valley's own Wilderness Science Center for a lesson on trees structure and functions.

    Where: Blue Valley Wilderness Science Center
    When:  Sept. 29th - Schwabauer, Oct. 5th - Dominguez and Linnebach, Oct. 7th - Ray and Wood
    Volutneers Needed: 6 adults per class


    Mainstreet, USA

    Students will visit "Mainstreet, USA" where they will get to partipate in several hands-on activities from each region of the United States. 

    Where: Olathe
    When: Nov. 19th - Ray, Schwabauer, and Wood; Nov. 20th - Dominguez and Linnebach
    Volutneers Needed: 5 adults per class


    Grinter Place Museum 

    Students will step back in time to learn about the frontier life of Moses and Annie  Grinter. 

    Where: Grinter Place, Kansas City, KS
    When: May
    Volunteers Needed: 4 adults per class