• Social Thinking


    SchoolCenter Picture   Red & Blue is a common phrase used school wide. We have Blue thoughts about others when we feel happy, calm, or comfortable.  Blue thoughts occur when actions are EXPECTED. We have Red thoughts about others making us feel anxious, angry, sad, or uncomfortable. People have red thoughts when actions are UNEXPECTED. Using the statements "Red and Blue" help students generalize how their actions change other people's perspectives. In the classroom, teachers use blue & red visual cue cards that are silent reminders to help students understand how student behaviors affect others. SchoolCenter Picture


    How do blue & red thoughts work in the classroom?
    If students are walking quietly in the hallway, a teacher will  hold up his/her blue card and say, "I am having blue thoughts." Students would understand that they are doing expected behavior and their teacher feels happy and comfortable in the situation.

    If students are lining up and talking in the hallway, a teacher will hold up their red card and say, "I am having red thoughts." Students would understand their behavior is unexpected and their teacher feels sad.  Therefore, students would find a positive way to correct their behavior. 

    Don't we have school rules, classroom rules, & the Blue Valley Virtues?
    We have many beneficial ways to promote student learning, growth, and behavior. Red and blue thoughts are cues to show how student behavior affects a situation, and that other people react and have feelings about that student's actions. 


    Can Red(unexpected) and Blue(Expected) be utilized anywhere else?
    Since red(unexpected ) and blue(expected) are based upon feelings and understanding, they can be utilized even while teaching a curriculum. Here are suggestions.



    Is there a different way to solve it?

    What problems can you see?

    How can you work through this problem? 



    How do the characters feel when?
    Why would the author write about?
    How could you change the story?
    Predict what the character felt?

    What is the author telling you?


    Why would a scientist study?

    How does the investigation change?

    What problems changes the scientist's study?

    What is your best guess?


    How can your writing make others feel?

    What does your voice express?



    Is your brain and body in the group?

    Where else could you play?

    How do others feel when they are not included in the group?

    Are your games causing others blue or red thoughts?

    Social Studies

    What are common patterns of humans in the different regions?

    How do people feel living in this region?

    How is their culture similar to yours?



    If you would like a further explanation, click here for Mrs. Dykman's wonderful description.