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  • Pearson Success Net
    This is a site that accompanies our science materials. You can read from our text as well as leveled readers, play games and do science related activities.
    Username: eangles Password: Prairie
    Spelling City

    Spelling Activity # 35: Spelling Games
    Scholastic Spelling

    Spelling Activity #23: Scrambled Words
    50 States
    A great site for help with State Trivia
    A to Z Kid Stuff
    A resource for State Trivia
    Enchanted Learning
    Another great site to help with State Trivia
    This is a kid friendly site resource site that is also great for State Trivia
    Internet Public Library
    A great web resource for all subject areas

    Maps 101
    This a great geography site that helps reinforce map skills and will also help with State Trivia. For first time users: username: prairie12 password: star12
    The Great State Race
    This is a fun state trivia game. Each time you start a new game there are new trivia questions.
    A Math Dictionary for kids 2009 by Jenny Eather
    This is a great resource for homework. It gives a definition, picture and example of just about any math term.
    Number Nut

    This site is a practice site for a wide range of math topics. There are online lessons, games and interactive quizzes you can take over a range of math topics.
    A Plus Math

    A math site full of games, flashcards and worksheets
    Math is Fun

    A great resource site for math, definitions, examples and printables
    Math Fact Cafe
    A math site where you can access online flashcards or print your own
    Interactive games for practice of multiplication facts. This also has links to addtion and subtraction games
    Honor Point
    A great multiplication practice site where you can practice a particular fact
    Fun Brain
    Interactive games
    Interactive math games for multiple math skills
    Math Cats
    Interactive math activites and resources