Miss Angles’ Weekly Newsletter

    October 3-7





    This week, we continued Unit 2 in Lead 21: Science at Play. We discussed theme this week. We read several picture books and decided what the theme of each was. We also worked on idioms. The students worked with a partner to pick an idiom, draw a literal picture of the idiom, and use the idiom in a sentence to explain what it means. On Thursday and Friday, we completed reading rotations. Partner work was finding idioms in Amelia Bedelia books. The students also completed a word work packet, read with the teacher, and read to self.



    In writing this week, we focused on main idea and details and worked on writing a paragraph that had a topic sentence with four supporting details. We will begin personal narratives next week.



    This week in math, we finished topic 3 by drawing a picture to solve a subtraction number sentence. On Tuesday, we reviewed for the test and we took the test on Wednesday. We began topic 4 on Thursday. Topic 4 is a short introduction to multiplication, so we will finish this topic next week.



    In science this week, we reviewed what we have learned in Unit 1 and took a Unit 1 test. We will begin a social studies unit next week.







    Star Student



    ·        17: Brock

    ·        31: Georgia




    ·        Oct. 12: Wilderness Science Center Field trip 11:50-2:20 (sack lunch, comfortable shoes)

    ·        Oct. 14: No School-End of 1st Quarter

    ·        Oct. 18-19: Donuts with Dad

    ·        Oct. 26: P.M. conferences

    ·        Oct. 27: No School for students- Parent/teacher conferences

    ·        Oct. 28: No School