• Weekly Homework







    Spelling words

    Math worksheet-Due Wednesday

    Reading worksheet- Due Thursday

    Math worksheet-Due Friday

    Spelling Test

    Read 20 min.

    Read 20 min.

    Read 20 min.

    Read 20 min.

    Read 20 min.

    1.On Tuesday/Thursdays, I will give the students a math worksheet to complete. It needs to be handed in the following day (Wednesday/Friday). The math sheet will be a review of what we learned that week in math, or a review of skills the third graders should know at this point.

    2. On Wednesdays I will give the students a  reading worksheet to complete. It is due the following day, Thursday.

    3. I ask that the students read for 20 minutes each night.

    4. Please sign the assignment notebook upon completion of homework.