• Unit 1 - My Roles
    Question:  What do my different roles say about me? 

    Unit 2 - All Around Town
    Question:  How is science a part of our community?
    Kid's Corner - Electricity

    Electrical Safety World - Find the Hidden Dangers

    Switched On Kids - Electrical Safety in Your Home

    Unit 3 - Community Life
    Question:  What makes a good community?

    Unit 4 - Seasons & Weather
    Question:  How do weather and seasons affect our lives?

    Unit 5 - Now and Then
    Question:  How do communities change, and how do they stay the same?

    Unit 6 - Growing Up
    Question:  How do living things grow and change?

    Unit 7 - Physical Facts
    Question:  What roles does the government play in my community?