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    About The Elementary Counselor:

  • The Elementary School Counselor has a unique position in the school. The school counselor is the only person in the school who has a teaching license, teaching experience, and a professional degree in mental health and counseling. I am here to help your child succeed in school. That can happen in a variety of ways.

    Guidance Lessons: Guidance lessons at Stanley cover a variety of topics including: Blue Valley Virtues, Personal Safety, Self-esteem and feelings, Study Skills and test taking, Bullying prevention, Careers and self-knowledge, and goal setting. Lessons are every other week for 30 minutes. Kindergarten lessons are every Friday.

     Small Group Guidance:Small groups can be a great way for students to learn about topics such as Stress, family change, grief, study skills and organization, social skills etc. Groups can come together based on student, teacher, or parent recommendation. Small groups give students the opportunity to share ideas and support one another. They typically meet once a week for 20 - 30 minutes and run from 4 - 6 weeks.

    Individual Support:Students can see me for individual support at the request of teachers, parents, or students. School counseling is short-term and focused on success in the school setting. Please do not be alarmed if your child tells you they have met with me. Often students self-refer and visit with me once or twice before they are able to solve their own problem. Sometimes they just need a little supprt on a tough day.  If I am going to see your child on a regular basis or for something serious, parents will be contacted.

    Reasons to see the counselor:

    • schoolwork challenges
    • friendship problems
    • changing families or transitions
    • being teased or bullied
    • sharing feelings
    • change or loss
    • stress or anxiety
    • tools for making good decisions
    • self-esteem
    • problem solving
    • recess conflict resolution