• Welcome to Mrs. Zink's 

    4th Grade Class!

  • Important Reminders     

    Halloween Parade is on Monday at 2:10pm.
    Halloween Party is Monday at 2:30pm in our classroom.


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    We will begin our new unit next week which will cover the following skills: text features, prefixes and suffixes, dictionary skills, text types. The anchor story in our anthology is "Finding the Titanic."

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    We just started our computation unit. This unit is quite extensive and will take a while to complete. We will have a mid-unit test sometime in November. I will send a study guide when we get closer to the date.

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    We have just about completed our first unit in science which was about asking good questions, identifying variables, and completing an investigation.
    Our next unit will cover measurement and all the different tools scientists use to gather data.

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    In writing we will continue to work on writing paragraphs. The kids are doing very well with this so far. We will use our basic paragraphing skills to write longer pieces that are linked with transition words and remain on one topic.

  • Our Special Classes

    Blue Day: Spanish & P.E.

    Green Day: Music & Spanish

    Purple Day: Computer

    Red Day: Music & P.E.

    Yellow Day: Art