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    First Lego League Robotics Challenge


        I am very excited for the fifth grade group this year as we are able to participate in the First Lego League challenge!  This is a fantastic opportunity for students to integrate all of the Gifted Education Process Skills (critical/creative thinking, problem solving, research, and technology).  We will spend a significant amount of time preparing for the competition.  The format for the challenge dates has changed this year, so I will send out more information as I receive it.   

    The First Lego League website is http://www.firstlegoleague.org/ .  The competition has several facets.  The competition integrates a research, performance, programming, computer design, and task completion component.  I am so very excited to give the fifth graders the chance to participate in FLL.  I served as a scorekeeper for the FLL competition several years ago and was blown away by the things the kids were doing!  I also spent two summers attending an FLL camp and have been eager to bring the program to my classroom.  For the past two years, the fifth graders participated in this program and we learned a lot!  I am very excited to bring what we learned from past years to the new team this year.     

        The theme for FLL this year is "Senior Solutions" and will send us into this topic through our research project and our building/programming challenges.  We are in need of mentors and contacts in the field, so if you come across any great resources, please send them our way!

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    5th Grade Wish List

    These items are specific to our 5th grade class needs:

    • AA batteries (rechargable or non)
    • USB Flash Drive (2)