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    Bear-y Cool Sites 

    ABC Match
    SchoolCenter PicturePractice letters and sounds in a matching game.
    Bembo's Zoo
    SchoolCenter Picture Watch letters become animals. 
    Clifford Letter Match
    SchoolCenter PictureSort the words according to the beginning letter.
    Clifford Sound Match

    SchoolCenter Picture Sort the pictures according to the beginning sound.

    Getting Students Connected
    SchoolCenter Picture This site provides links to games on many other educational sites.
    SchoolCenter Picture Lots of learning fun is a click away.
    Learning Letters
    SchoolCenter Picture Listen to the letter name and click on the letter that matches it.
    Letter Naming
    SchoolCenter PictureClick on each letter to hear its name.
    Links to dozens of online games
    SchoolCenter Picture This site links to dozens of online games organized by topic.
    Phonemic Awareness with Nursery Rhymes
    SchoolCenter Picture   Learn phonemic awareness skills while having fun with nursery rhymes.
    Phonics Practice

    SchoolCenter Picture  Click here for printable phonics worksheets.

    Picture Match

    SchoolCenter Picture Practice identifying beginning letter sounds and vowels sounds.

    Professor Garfield

    SchoolCenter Picture Play a variety of reading games for phonemic awareness, phonics, and comprehension practice.


     SchoolCenter Picture Here are lots of phonics and vocabulary games.

    Sight Word Story-Color-coded

    SchoolCenter Picture  Read this sight word story. Sight words are color-coded for kindergarten through third grade.

    SchoolCenter Picture Explore letters, sounds, and beginning reading activities.

    SchoolCenter Picture All kinds of fun!

    SchoolCenter Picture  A"MAIZE"ing sites!