• Andy Warhol Animals


    In art class, the 3rd graders have been studying Andy Warhol and pop art. In 1983, Andy Warhol created a series of ten color screen prints that portrayed endangered animals from around the world: Siberian tiger, San Francisco silver spot, orangutan, Grevy's zebra, black rhinoceros, bighorn ram, African elephant, Pine Barrens tree frog, giant panda and bald eagle. The students discussed how artists can use their art to draw attention to important issues that are going on in the world. After viewing Warhol’s prints, the third graders chose their own endangered animal to draw. The students learned that by cropping their images and focusing on the animals face, the viewer would be more emotionally connected to the image. They finished their drawings by outlining them in glue. They also used brightly colored pastels and mark making techniques to imitate Warhol’s style.