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    Mondrian Masterpieces

    The Kindergarten classes have been studying the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The kindergarteners found out that artists see many things in different ways. We discussed how instead of just seeing squares and lines in his paintings, Piet Mondrian saw a city from the point of view of person flying up in the air. The lines are roads, the larger squares are buildings, and the smaller squares are cars on the road. They then used strips of black paper to make vertical and horizontal roads. We then painted in our buildings using the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue.

Monet Reflection Paintings

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    During the fall, the Kindergartener's viewed paintings by Claude Monet. They learned how Claude Monet loved to paint objects reflecting in water. They made their own fall reflection paintings by painting their trees and leaves and then printing them to show their reflection in the water. They finished their paintings by painting a blue tempera wash for their water and the sky.

Where the Wild Things Are



    The Kindergarteners have been learning about texture in art class. The element of art texture is the way something feels. Real texture is texture you can feel like a furry stuffed animal. Visual texture is texture you can see with your eyes but cannot feel. Artists copy textures from real life by painting and drawing with lines, shapes, and colors. After reading the story, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, the Kindergarteners made their own "wild thing" collages by using real and visual textures.

Monet Reflection Paintings

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    During the fall, the Kindergarten classes have  been learning about Claude Monet in art class. They learned that Monet loved to paint landscapes, especially ones that showed hoe light reflected in water. They made their own reflection paintings using tempera paint. They painted their tress and leaves making sure to print their reflection every time. They finshed their paintings by using a tempera wash for the sky and water.

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    The Kindergarten classes have been studying the primary and secondary colors in art class. They read the book "Mouse Paint" by. It is a story about three mice that mix together the primary colors and discover how they make the secondary colors. The Kindergartens then made their own watercolor paintings of the three mice.