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    PE Attire

    Please have your child wear some type of athletic shoes to P.E. class. Children will not be able to participate in flip flops, crocs, sandals, high heels, slip-on shoes, Mary Janes, or boots due to their safety and the safety of those around them.

    Check with the classroom teacher for your child's specials schedule. Shoes for P.E. may be left at school in the classroom or in the gym storage room.

  • Injuries

    If your child is unable to participate in P.E., please send a note or you may email me in the morning before school begins. Thank you

  • Fitness Testing

    The four components measured in this test include sit-ups, sit and reach (a measure of hamstring and lower back flexibility), flexed arm hang (a measure of upper body strength), and the pacer test.  The pacer will measure your child's cardiovascular endurance. 

    Each day your child attends class we begin with warm-up and strengthening exercises to improve our overall fitness.