• March

    Math- enVisions Math Topics 9 and 10: Fractions

    Skills Include:

    Understanding what numerators and denominators represent in fractions. e.g. 3/4 as being 3 parts out of a total of 4 parts where the parts are all of equal size


    Understanding and representing how fractions can be shown on a number line.


    Understanding and showing the concept of equivalent fractions. 
    e.g. 2/3 = 4/6

    ELA- Unit 5- Heroes 

    Resources Used- Lead 21 Unit 5- Heros and Favorite Greek Myths Retold By Mary Pope Osborne

    Comprhension Strategies-

    • Determine Important Information
    • Make Inferences
    • Make Predictions
    • Summarize

    Comprhension Skills-

    • Generalize
    • Recall and Retell

    Word Study-

    • Prefixes mis- dis- pro-inter- over- semi- 
    • Comparativies (words ending in -er) and Superlatives (words ending in -est)

    Vocabulary Stategies-

    • Antonyms
    • Context Clues
    • Descriptive Language

    Literary Element-

    • Character


    • Adverbs
    • Abbriviations and Addresses
    • Homophones

    And... Cursive Writing


    Bring Science Alive! Unit 1: Environments and Living Things 

    • Social Interactions and Group Behavior - Being part of a group helps animals obtain food, defend themselves, and cope with changes. Groups may serve different functions and vary dramatically in size.
    •  Adaptation - For any particular environment, some kinds of organisms survive well, some survive less well, and some cannot survive at all.
    • Biodiversity and Humans - Populations live in a variety of habitats, and change in those habitats affects the organisms living there.
    • Ecosystem Dynamics, Functioning, and Resilience - When the environment changes in ways that affect a place’s physical characteristics, temperature, or availability of resources, some organisms survive and reproduce, others move to new locations, yet others move into the transformed environment, and some die. 

    Projects/ Special Events

    We will work on our Hero Monument projects here at school at the end of the month. Students will make their monuments at school, but will need to bring supplies from home. Materials are due on March 28th. More information will go home with the students the week of March 21st. 

    Kansas Assessments, KAP testing March 23, 34 and 25.