• Communication Skills
    I can.....
    1. ask at least three basic questions from a visual cue.
    2. answer 8 information questions in complete sentences.  

    3. state the time of day on three clocks (quarter, half hour, minutes after the hour).
    4.  say that I like or do not like five school subjects when given a picture cue.
    5. retell a 6-8 line story from visual cues.
    6. describe color or size of three clothing items that I am wearing.
    7. recognize 10 numbers between 0 - 1,000, out of order.
    8. read short passages with familiar vocabulary and answer English questions.
      Cultural Knowledge
    I can.....
    1. identify people, practices and products Central America
    2. locate and label  the countries of Central  America on a map