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    I can.......................

      1. ask 3 basic questions.

    2. answer 8 basic questions in complete sentences.

    3. state the time of day on 3 clocks.

    4. say I like or do not like 5 school subjects.

    5. retell a 6 - 8 line story from visual cues.

    6.describe the color or size of 3 items of clothing

    7. recognize 10 numbers between 0 - 1,000 out of order.

    8. read short passages in Spanish and answer   English questions.

    9. locate and label the countries of Central America.

    10. identify places, people practices and products of Central   America.

    11. tell you I need 6 classroom objects.



    Spanish Standardized Test

      Fifth Grade

    Dear Fifth Grade Parents:

     At the beginning of the year I told the fifth grade students that they will be taking a standardized test at the end of April.  We have been working very hard this year on our vocabulary and being able to ask and answer personal questions.  As we are entering into the last months of this school year, I'd like to provide more information concerning the CRT (Criterion Reference Test), the standardized test administered to all Blue Valley fifth grade students.

      Our Spanish standardized test will evaluate the skills learned by students during their elementary years of the Blue Valley foreign language program.  It is designed to show you and your student where his or her strengths and weaknesses are.  Modifications will be made for those students on IEP programs.

       Testing at Valley Park will be held on ____________________________
    _____________________ This test will include listening comprehension and reading comprehension.  There is also going to be a section where the students look at a picture and try and tell me about what is going on in the picture they see, using as much Spanish vocabulary as possible. In the weeks leading up to the test I will be conducting mini interviews with each child asking them, 10 personal questions.  Test results will be provided to you in the form that will be stapled to their of a fourth quarter Spanish grade report.  Please note that student scores will not be used to place students in their Middle School Spanish classes.  This is simply a measure of each student's progress in learning a second language.

     I want you to know that we have been diligently preparing in class for this exam, and I am optimistic that our Valley Park fifth graders will be most successful.  I am sending home a packet of student materials that can be used for home study plus the students each have a mini Spanish dictionary with all of the vocabulary that they have been learning since Kindergarten.  Your child may wish for you to assist him or her in preparation for the exam.  Your support, positive attitude and assistance are very much appreciated.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  My voice mail number is 112-6512



      Katherine Smith, K-5 Spanish

      Valley Park Elementary School