• Welcome to the First Grade page.  On this page you will find:

    • Notes about what is happening in First Grade this month
    • A link to the First Grade vocabulary list
    • Copy of the First Grade report card
  • Communication Skills

    I can.....

    tell you my name when you ask me.

    answer the question, "How are you?"

    tell you how old I am when you ask me.

    name 8 colors from visual cues.

    say the numbers 11-20 in order.

    recognize 6 backpack items.

    recognize family members: mother, father,  sister, brother, and baby.

    recognize 8 shapes from an oral cue.

    recognize dog, cat, rabbit, fish, and bird.

    identify 4 emotions from a visual cue.

    recognize 6 parts of the head and face.

    recognize four  numbers between 0-20,  out of order.

    understand  6 classroom phrases or instructions.

    Cultural Knowledge

    I can….

    locate Mexico, Canada, and the United States on a map.