• Welcome to the Fourth Grade page.  On this page you will find:

    • Notes about what is happening in Fourth Grade this month
    • A link to the Fourth Grade vocabulary list
    • Copy of the Fourth Grade report card
  • Communication Skills
    I can.....
    present a short memorized dialog (include likes and dislikes).
    recognize 15 food and mealtime vocabulary from written words.  
    say five  numbers between 0-100,  out of order.
    recognize 10 written questions and appropriate responses.
    read  two to three simple sentences aloud.
    recognize time to hour, ½  hour and ¼ hour on 5 clocks.
    read and match  10 words to pictures of clothing items.
    listen to sentences and recognize 10 pictures of geographical features.
    read and match  the meaning of  sight words to their English  meaning.
    follow  4 sets of oral directions to get from place to place in a city.
    Cultural Knowledge
    I can.....
    identify people, practices and products of South America
    locate and match all the countries of South America