• Welcome to the Second Grade page.  On this page you will find:

    • Notes about what is happening in Second Grade this month
    • A link to the Second Grade vocabulary list
    • Copy of the Second Grade report card
  •   Communication Skills
    I can.....
    tell you how old I am when you ask me. 
    tell you where I live when you ask me.
    tell you that my head, stomach and throat hurt. 
    recognize 6 types of weather. 
    respond with a complete sentence to  "What day is today?" 
    skip count by 5s from 0 to 60.
    name 5 members of a family from a visual cue.
    name 4 classroom items from a visual cue 
    recognize four  numbers between  0-30, out of order. 
    match 6 vowel and consonant sounds to written alphabet letters.
    recognize 6 parts of the body from shoulder to feet from a visual cue.
    draw hands on 3 clock faces to show time to the hour.
    recognize 4 modes of transportation from a visual cue. 
    follow 2-step oral classroom directions. 
    Cultural Knowledge
    I can.....

    locate Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic on a map (Spanish). 
    show the 4 cardinal directions on a map.