• What's going on this week in Mrs. Boehm's Class?
  • Welcome to my 3rd grade class!
    Theme 4: What is the story of the Earth? 
    Week 3 Question: How are humans part of Earth's story?
    Story: Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!
    Skills:  Fluency, Visualize, Similes, Literary Elements, Prefixes
    Writing: Students will be working on narrative writing and cursive.
    Book Orders:   
    Spelling: The spelling pattern this week is words with the vowel + r sound in nurse.  There will be a spelling test over Theme 4: Week 2 Words on Monday, December 16, and a spelling test over Theme 4: Week 3 Words on Thursday, December 19. 
    Library Check-out-Wednesday 9:15-9:45 (Bring library books back to school every Wednesday to return!)
    Specials-Monday: Art, Tuesday: Music/PE, Wednesday: Spanish/Music, Thursday: Computer, Friday: Spanish/PE.  Please make sure your child wears or brings tennis shoes to school the days they have PE.
    Math- We will begin Topic 8-Division Facts.  The lessons we will cover this week are:  Relating Multiplication and Divsion, Fact Families with 2, 3, 4, and 5, Fact Families 6 and 7, and Fact Families 8 and 9.
    We've also started taking multiplication timed tests. Students will be given 4 minutes to complete 60 questions on the test to show their fluency with their facts.  We will complete the tests in the following order; 0-2, 2's, 5's, 10's, 3's, 4's, 6's, 7's, 8's, and 9's. Please make sure students are studying nightly for the facts they will be tested on the following day!  They will then do 5 mixed multiplication tests with 0-10, then 4 mixed multiplicaction tests with 0-12, then they'll move onto mixed division tests.  There are 4 mixed division tests.
    Science- We will take a break from Science this week!
    Social Studies-We will test over Ch. 6 the Southeast region on Tuesday.  A study guide will be sent home tonight.  We'll also begin Ch. 7-The Effects of Geography on Life in the Southeast.  The students will be tested over this chapter on Thursday. 
    Homework-Students will have nightly math homework due the following day it is given.  They will also need to be studying for their upcoming spelling test.  If your child is struggling with addition and subtraction facts, please practice them nightly!  Students need to read 100 minutes weekly (from Friday to Friday), reading logs are to be turned in on Fridays.
  • Attached is a document with all the spelling lists throughout the year.  Spelling pretests will be on Mondays, spelling lists will be stapled to their pretest.  Tests will be given on Monday the following week. 

    Monday, December 16-Theme 4, Week 2 Test

    Monday, December 16-Theme 4, Week 3 Pretest

    Thursday, December 19-Theme 4, Week 3 Test