• Absences-Attendance is very important for middle school students.  Students are required to make up worked missed during an absence from class.  According to school policy, students will have two days time for each excused day missed for completing make-up work and getting the work turned in to me.  Students should check my school center page for assignments and/or handouts that were given during the absence.  I try very hard to keep my school center page up to date with information regarding what went on in class each day and if there was an assignment given.  I also will attach handouts to my school center page.  It is the student's responsibility to get the required work completed and turned in within the allowed time. However, if a student is absent on the due date for a long term assignment or projects,these will be due on the day the student returns to school. If students need to see me regarding a missed assignment, he/she should do so before or after school. Right before or after class is not the best time to see me regarding missed work simply because of the brief time we have between classes.  I am always in the building until 3:15 and on some days later than that. I also will be supervising on some days for afterschool Flight Time.  Students will see the teacher schedule for supervision posted in my classroom.

    Late work-  I will be participating in the 6th grade Homework program -- If students are missing assignments or need extra support on an assignment, I highly encourage them to take part in the homework program our school offers.