• Physical Education Expectations

    Physical Education emphasizes physical fitness, sportsmanship, playing courtesies and skill development necessary for participation in lifetime activities.  Students should use good judgment at ALL times with regard to their behavior and attitude toward their peers.  Be cordial and respectful.  As in any area of your life, be a good loser as well as a gracious winner.  Approaching each activity with a positive attitude encourages a successful experience.  Mr. Essex and Miss Berberich ask that all students give new opportunities a try and ALWAYS do their best.


    1.  Dress out and participate everyday.

    2.  Respect yourself, others and equipment.

    3.  No gum, candy, food or drink allowed in the gym or locker room.

    4.  Keep a positive attitude and have fun!!! 


    Students will need to provide their own combination lock for their PE locker. Students will be responsible for keeping track of their lock and their combination for the entire school year. If locks are misplaced, it is up to the students to secure their belongings until a new lock can be purchased. PE Teachers will keep a record of student combinations.

    PE attire consists of a GREY, BLUE, or GREEN Prairie Star Middle Physical Education T-shirt and NAVY shorts purchased through the PSMS PTO, or a GREY Blue Valley Physical Education T-shirt and NAVY or BLACK Blue Valley shorts (which can be purchased from area stores). T-shirts must be long enough to tuck in.  Shorts must fit properly and be appropriate in length.  We will be writing your name on your T-shirt and shorts so that they can be easily identified when found.  Tennis shoes are required and must have laces and be tied at all times.   

                Be prepared to go outside in cooler temperatures by keeping sweats (any color) in your gym locker.  At times, the gym can be chilly. Sweats must be set aside for PE and not worn to school that day.

                Each student should have in his or her locker: a uniform, a pencil or pen, deodorant, and a bag for taking home dirty clothes. **If you bring a body spray/perfume/cologne it must be in a plastic or tin bottle, NO GLASS**  

                Dressing out is a requirement in physical education.  You are responsible for your uniform and lock – EVERYDAY!


                Students have the potential to earn 10 points each day in Physical Education, 5 points for dressing out in proper attire and 5 points for positive participation.  During some classes, students will be wearing heart rate monitors.  Points will be given according to the amount of time the student stays in or above their target zone.  Grade updates can be accessed on line through the ParentVUE system.  There will also be grades given for additional projects and exams throughout the year when appropriate in the unit of study. 


                Students are required to make-up missed physical education classes due to any absences other than school-sponsored events (such as field trips). This may be done by printing off a make-up sheet from ParentVUE or StudentVUE and returning it with a parent signature.  These make ups need to be done within 2 weeks of returning back to school.             

                Notes from parents to excuse students from physical education should be VERY limited.  We will be more than understanding with students returning to school after an illness who might need modified activity. If a student needs to miss more then two consecutive class periods, a note from a doctor is required. We are here to guide your child through situations when they aren’t feeling well. If a student is unable to participate in physical activity, the student will receive a written assignment to earn daily points.                    

    Thank you for taking the time to discuss our expectations with your student.

     MR. ESSEX –  SEssex@bluevalleyk12.org

    MISS BERBERICH – ALBerberich@bluevalleyk12.org

    *Please see the Heart Rate Monitor Use form on the back side. This needs to be read, signed and returned to the PE teacher before your student may participate in physical activities.

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