• Expectations & Grading Procedures

  • We have high expectations for all choral students.  Every student is not only a singer, but a musician.  In order to be successful, musicians must be able to work well with one another to achieve great things.  Therefore, the following characteristics are very important to the musicians of the Prairie Star Choral Department.

    PSMS Choir Core Values
    Classroom Expectations
    • Conduct yourself properly at all times; always do your best & treat others as you want to be treated.SchoolCenter Picture
    • Sing your best — always.
    • Respect everyone — no matter what.
    • Be honest.
    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared.
    • Follow directions quickly.
    • No gum, candy, food or drinks other than a water bottle.
    • Do not talk unless given permission. Raise your hand if you have a question or comment.
    • Use the bathroom before class. NO bathroom breaks during sight-reading — EVER.
    • Do not leave the classroom without permission.
  • Grading Procedure
    • Daily Rehearsals (35%)
      • Attendance & Full Participation (10 points for each rehearsal)
      • Citizenship & Leadership
    • Skill Tests & Written Work (25%)
      • Music theory
      • Music history & other unit-related activities
      • Sight-singing quizzes
      • Memorization & part checks of performance music
    • Performances (40%) 
      • Concerts (200 points each)
      • Performance Evaluations (75 points each)
  • Rehearsal Make-Up Work

    Print out the Make-Up Work Form using the button in the side menu.

    Any points lost for a missed rehearsal can be made up.  Points lost for poor behavior, tardiness, or missing supplies cannot be made up.

    You may choose which make-up work option(s) work best for you.

    Option 1: Supervised Practice (at school or home)
    15 minutes = 10 points (1 regular rehearsal)
    Arrange a time before or after school to come in and have a mini-voice lesson.
    This option requires the least amount of time and effort!

    Option 2: Written Essay
    1 page (double-spaced 12-point standard font) = 10 points (1 regular rehearsal)
    Choose any musical topic and write an original short essay using at least 2 sources.
    Plagarized essays will not be accepted.
    Please list your two sources.
    See the Choir Handbook for a list of suggested topics.

    Option 3: Attend a Concert or Musical Theater Show
    45 minutes = 10 points (1 regular rehearsal)
    Attend any musical concert or event and bring in the ticket stub or concert program.
    You may use any concert you attended within the last 3 months.
    Ticket stubs and programs will be returned.

    Option 4: Solfege an unknown piece of music - all parts
    4 pages = 10 points (1 regular rehearsal)
    Ask Ms. McFarland for a copy of music and turn it in with solfege correctly labeled for all voice parts.