• Wednesday - 1st Day of School  

    • Welcome
    • Expectations video
    • Interactive science Notebooks Example is attached below.
    • HOMEWORK:  make a cover on the typing paper I gave you.  Your cover needs to have your name FIRST and LAST in the middle and then 4 life science related pictures around it.  You must use at least 4 different colors on your cover.  

    Thursday-  Magazine Assembly  

    • Finish science notebook
    • Is it living  observations p. 17
    • Functions of Living Things Assessment Probe p. 16
    • HOMEWORK:  Fill out the Functions of Living things Assessment Probe and write the explanation underneath the page or on the back of the paper.


    • Discuss Functions of Living Things Assessment Probe and the characteristics of Living Things
    • Tape their covers on their composition books
    • HOMEWORK: Have a great weekend!