• Monday

    • Finished writing safety rules and started on Safety Picture. 
    • Picture is HOMEWORK due Thursday 8/23.


    • Received compostion notebook or ISN (Interactive Science Notebook) in science today and organized the first 15 pages (the reference pages


    • Read and Higlighted the lab mistakes that SpongeBob and his friends made. 
    • HW due tomorrow is the safety picture!


    • Turned in the safety picture
    • Explained why they highlighted what they did on the spongebob activity
    • Went over the first page of the ISN(interactive science notebook)  Read Nixon's Nuggets of Wisdom. 


    • Measuring Skills Introduction- Read it aloud in class
    • Read and practiced the Measuring:  Length skills practice page
    • Started on the linear measurement centimeters and Millimeters page
    • HOMEWORK:  FINISH the linear measurement centimeters and millimeters page DUE MONDAY