• Monday-

    • On p. 18 ISN answer this question- What evidence can you look for to tell you if something is living?
    • Discuss this list of evidence as a class and compile a list
    • Finish Classifying the cards
    • On p. 19 ISN Copy down the vocab. Evidence, and organism.
    • Tape covers on ISN's


    • Discuss evidence of life and Final categorization from all classes
    • Set up Mini-Ponds
    • Finish covers? 


    • Make predictions about what A-E are on p. 22 ISN, also Hypothesize about what will happen when a liquid is added to each substance.
    • Do the Is Anything Alive in Here?  investigation
    • Attach the p.3wksht to p. 23 ISN


    • On p. 24 ISN finish the statements provided
    • Discuss observations of different liquids
    • Answer on p. 24 ISN How can we find out if the cuttings shown are alive?


    • Make final observations of 5 different materials
    • Find out what the different liquids and materials were
    •   Go over the ISN update the table of contents, check out Nixon's nuggets of wisdom
    • Talk about the topics for the year