• Monday- 

    • I demonstrated the summer in a bag project.  It is due Wednesday and students received instructions and the rubric about it today. 
    • Students had about 30 minutes to work on their Unit 1 Geography skills workbook page.  We will sign up for usernames and passwords for the online book tomorrow in the library.  Then students can finish it at home.  Due Thursday.
    • DON'T forget the $5.00 for copies, ink, repairs to machinery, etc. is DUE tomorrow.  If it is not paid, it is an hour long detention after school. 


    • We will do a lesson on primary and secondary sources in the library today, and sign up for their online book username and password.
    • Collect the copy money


    • Summer in a Bag presentations
    • Talked about copy money simulation and how colonists felt about taxation without representation and How they shouldn't ruin it for next year's kids. 


    • Talked about running for STUCO (student council) representative
    • Students need to have a written speech NO longer than 2 minutes turned in on Monday, August 27th if they want to be considered. 
    • ELECTIONS for representatives will be held on Tuesday, August 28th in history class.  2 students from each hour will be selected to be a representative.  Meetings are on the 1st Thursday of the month AFTER school from 3-4 pm. 
    • We used the clickers to review for the quiz tomorrow
    • We finished the summer in a bag presentations


    • Primary and Secondary sources quiz.  It's Over the information we learned in the library and reviewed in class yesterday. 
    • Start reading Chapter 5.1-5.3 and filling out the corresponding workbook pages 43&44.