• Monday-  

    • Read ch. 5.6 in class
    • Finished the Vocabulary packet- Rock cycle definition and picture. 
    • We took an AFL over the rock cycle
    • HOMEWORK:  Due Tuesday- Note Taking activity on Rocks assigned Friday.


    • Make the pyramid folds for our mobile today
    • USE the notes to transfer the information to our mobile pyramids  
    • Rock pyramids are Due FRIDAY


    • AFL over the Rock Cycle 
    • Continue with transferring information from notes to pyramids
    • start coloring and drawing pictures to represent each rock type on their pyramids


    • AFL over the Rock Cycle 
    • LAST Rock Pyramid Mobile work day it's DUE tomorrow


    • Rock Cycle QUIZ for a GRADE today MOVED to Monday
    • MOBILES due today
    • HOMEWORK:  Place concept map and Questions 1-6 from p. 169 in text onto p. 74ISN
    • HOMEWORK:  PUT Questions 13, 14, 16, 19 from p. 170 and Questions 1-5 from p. 171 onto p. 75 ISN BOTH DUE MONDAY