• Monday-

    •   We graded ch. 4-1 Conserving land and soil in the green packet, and the bird adaptation wkshts. 
    • Happy Valentine's Day


    •  We went over the p. 72 The right stuff successful variations article and questions from the DAYBOOK. 
    • Students worked on reading ch. 4-2Waste Disposal and Recycling and doing the corresponding section in the packet. 
    • We recorded grades for the green packet, Daybook, and bird adaptation wkshts. 


    • Common Assessment over the front side of the study guide #1-3.  Test over the back side will be next Thursday. 


    • Ch. 4-2 Waste Disposal and Recycling section of the GREEN packet is DUE TODAY
    • Grade common assessments and green packet
    • work on analyzing interactions among organisms wksht due tomorrow


    • Read Ch. 4-3 AND ch. 4-4 Air Pollution and FINISH the green packet HOMEWORK  due Monday