• Monday-

    • Took the Divo formative assessment
    • Read p. 76-81 in the Life Science DayBook (class set only)
    • Answer the question from p. 81 on p. 44 of their composition book
    • also answered the Natural Selection Exit slip questions on p. 44 of their comp. book
    • OOPS!!  If I have you for 6th hour I forgot to hand out your report cards.  I will pass them out tomorrow.


    •   Hand in old books receive new Environmental science books
    • pass back papers
    • do the Discover Activity on p. 6 of your new Environmental science book


    • Read Ch. 1-1 p. 6-10 in the ESPH (Environmental Science Prentice Hall Book)
    • HOMEWORK:  ANSWER ALL Questions on p. 10


    • Read Ch. 1-2 in the ESPH book
    • Answer the assigned questions as HOMEWORK


    • Read ch. 1-3 in the ESPH book
    • answer assigned questions as HOMEWORK